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The Friends of Peru is a group of residents who value our rural landscape and question whether or not large scale wind projects are right for our town.


Plannning Board Votes Not To Recomend Proposed By Law Changes

The Peru Planning Board voted 3-1 against recomending by law proposals for The Annual Town Meeting, which would allow wind generation for accessory use only and limit wind turbine height to 200 feet instead of the current 660 foot limit. The three desenting members did not want to eliminate the possibility of a commercial wind project in town and the revenue it could generate. Doug Haskins, Dale Weeks, and Sam Haupt voted against recomending the by law proposals. Bill Tatro was the only member of the Planning Board to support the proposed by law changes. 

Attorney General's Letter and Request to Deny Peru By Law

Attorney General Martha Coakley's Denial of Peru Wind By Law, and Lightship Energy's letter to request denial of by law.

Attorney Generals Decision
Adobe Acrobat document [183.2 KB]
Opinion From Lightship Energy
Lightship Energy submitted a letter to the Attorney General to reject our wind by law after withdrawing their application for a wind farm. Lightship Energy currently does not own property in Peru, nor do they have an active project.
Opp from Lightship Energy .Request to Di[...]
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Hancock, Brodie Mountain wind power firm at odds over payments.

The town of Hancock has been offered less money than originally agreed upon by the wind power consortium that operates Brodie Mountain Wind, at a time when utility rates are at an all time high for consumers.





The Peru Select Board voted 3-0 not to appeal the Attorney Generals Ruling, which struck down a wind energy by law that prohibited industrial wind development in the town. All 3 members decided not to challenge Attorney General Coakley's ruling, although a super majority of people voted in favor of the by law. An appeal could have been filed for a nominal fee, if the town had decided to go forward with a challenge. The board believes that any changes to the current by law can be accomplished at the  Annual Town Meeting which will be held on the first Saturday of June this year. All registered voters are welcome to attend.


Attorney General Martha Coakley has struck down a by law amendment passed by the residents of Peru to ban Industrial Wind.

Peru Town Meeting bars development of industrial wind turbines

By Phil Demers, Berkshire Eagle Staff,
Posted:   06/09/2014 01:20:25 PM ED



PERU -- Commercial wind energy developers will have to look elsewhere to build their industrial turbines.


Zoning Board of Appeals member Peter Shelsy opposed the bylaw change on financial grounds, saying the town needed the extra cash.

"We need to keep the opportunity for commercial wind generation available," Shelsy said.

School budgets and taxes will continue to rise, Shelsy said; meanwhile, the town has few revenue generators.



Peru Select Board again found in violation of Open Meeting Law

Updated:   06/05/2014 11:59:38 AM EDT


PERU -- For the third time since April, the Peru Select Board has been cited for violating state Open Meeting Law, according to a ruling released last week by the state attorney general.



Developer yanks application for wind project in Peru

By Phil Demers, Berkshire Eagle Staff
Posted:   05/21/2014 03:37:42 PM EDT


PERU -- A developer has pulled the plug on plans to build an industrial wind farm in town -- at least for now.

Lightship Energy LLC, based in Acton, last week withdrew its application with the Zoning Board of Appeals.

"The submitted application is dead, essentially," ZBA member Samuel Haupt told The Eagle. "The applicant has the legal right to resubmit and has indicated an intention to do so."



Residential Use By Law Proposal
Residential use by law proposal presented to town for vote.
Residential Wind0002.pdf
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Current Issue
April 2014 Volume 8.pdf
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State AG again finds Open Meeting Law violations in Peru

By Phil Demers, Berkshire Eagle Staff,
Posted:   05/10/2014 02:55:07 PM ED |

PERU -- The state Attorney General has again found the Select Board guilty of violating the Open Meeting Law, the second such ruling in as many months.



Peru Selectmen warned after violating Open Meeting Law

PERU -- The Board of Selectmen violated the Open Meeting Law by convening a meeting 35 minutes before the scheduled time, the state Attorney General's Division of Open Government has ruled.


Our Opinion: Play by the rules

While the chairman of the Peru Select Board appears to regard the state’s Open Meeting Law as a nuisance (Eagle, April 22), the law is in place to assure that public officials do the business of the people who elected them in the open and by the rules. It had best be taken seriously.


Garnet Hill Sound Study
The following is a sound study on the propagation of sound waves from the proposed Garnet Hill Wind Farm. Notice the yellow contour lines proximity to residences around Garnet Lake which would be at a 40 db sound level. Peru's current by law allows 40 db at 1000 ft. Would the developer be able to comply with the current by law as written?
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The following questions were officially entered into the public record on November 20, 2013
Questions for Peru Zoning Board of Appea[...]
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Audio from the June 10th, 2013 Planning Board Hearing, of Bill Golden of Lightship Energy giving his word that his company would not go forward with a wind development or go to court against the town without a clear decision or clear by law. A month later voters rejected the by law amendment endorsed by Mr. Golden. Now Lightship Energy is asking The ZBA to grant them a variance to impose the standard rejected by voters. Come to the ZBA hearing on May 21st. to let our appointed members know what you think about the vote we took and what it would mean if they decided to overide the choice a majority of voters made.

20130911 210206.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [2.2 MB]

Clarence Fanto: Plenty of spin on both sides of Peru turbine issue

LENOX -- Taking Bob Dylan’s word for it that "the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind," I decided to examine the wind-turbine controversy engulfing the town of Peru, aptly named for its location high in the hills east of Pittsfield.



Video from Special Town Meeting on July 8th, 2013

On July 8th, the voters rejected a by-law amendment supported by developer Lightship Energy. Now the developer has asked The Peru Zoning Board of Appeals to grant them a variance which would revoke the vote our town made that night. Watch the developer's opening remarks promoting the proposed by law change.


Lightship Energy's Request for Zoning Variances
The Wind developer can not meet the Peru Zoning Bylaws and is asking for variances.
Variance Hearing.pdf
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Judge Orders Falmouth to Run Wind Turbines on 12-Hour Schedule Posted on 11/23/2013

Barnstable Superior Court Judge Christopher J. Muse has ordered the town to operate its wind turbines at the Wastewater Treatment Facility for 12 hours per day except on Sundays starting today.





In first case of its kind, power company pleads guilty to killing eagles at wind farms
Nov 23, 3:18 AM EST

Until the settlement announced Friday with Duke Energy Corp. and its renewable energy arm, not a single wind energy company had been prosecuted for a death of an eagle or other pr
wind eagle death settlement.html
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Wind turbines constitute a “taking” of private property value (Mass.)

See the impact wind turbines have on property values in a small Western Massachusetts Community. The proposal to install wind turbines on Mt. Massaemet (Mass.) has already dramatically lowered all property values in the 11 square miles of Shelburne (MA) and Buckland (MA) lying within the most impacted two miles of the turbines. The turbines already cast a shadow on the title and expected benefits to residential property.





JUWI Wind Prairie Breeze Wind Farm, LLC Tipton County, Indiana PROPERTY VALUE IMPACT & ZONING COMPLIANCE EVALUATION McCann Appraisal, LLC March 20, 2013

Landsink Appraisals and Consulting
This study endeavours to isolate any loss in property price caused by a wind turbine. The
construction and use of a wind turbine is an event over which a neighbouring property owner
has no control.
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"Decliningproperty values associated with the presence of wind turbines were described by Lempster  (NH) resident and panelist Justin Lindholm. "Almost all of properties within amile of the [Lempster] wind farm are up for sale", he said. The issue of property value was confirmed by real estate broker Phil Atwood, who said, "Customers won?t even look at a property once theyknow there are wind turbines nearby.?

The Science of Industrial Wind in MA and the Eastern US - Ben Luce, Ph.D. February 11. 2012 Shelburne Falls

The cost of renewable energy.
ben luce slides.pdf
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An analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation found that a one-year extension of the tax credit would cost about $6.1 billion over 10 years. A five-year extension would cost about $18.5 billion.



Videos of Wind Turbines